Pefect hedges

How to get perfect hedges?

Growing and perfecting a hedge can be one of the most difficult and arduous tasks to undertake in the garden. If you plant them too far apart, they will grow and disappoint you with unsightly gaps in your hedge, meaning that you then have to restart the process to regrow the empty sections.

Though if you are still curious about how to have the perfect hedge, here are some top tips from our Pulse Lawn Mowing & Gardening experts:

  1. When planting, space the plants by multiplying the desired height by 0.3.

                      E.g., If you want your hedges to be 1 metre high then plant them 30 cms apart

  1. Rather than digging individual holes, dig a trench. This will help you space your hedges correctly.
  2. Use a stringline to line up the hedge’s base.
  3. Loosen up the soil in the trench and mix in compost. Water then mulch the surface after backfilling but keep the mulch away from the base of the plants.
  4. When you’ve finished planting your hedges, trim the tops evenly and maintain light clips for the first few months. You’ll see that this thickens out the hedge.

Maintaining a hedge or reviving a dying hedge can be exhausting and challenging, and one bad trim or treatment can set you back months of work. Killing off part of the hedge means removing and replanting a section that will then need to be nurtured again for a few months.

Rather than settle for a sweaty, stressful trim that soaks up your Saturday, why not contact a gardening professional? Pulse Lawn Mowing & Gardening are fully equipped to maintain and grow your hedges so that you don’t have to. Pulse Lawn Mowing & Gardening take the back-breaking labour and affordably deliver you the perfect hedge. Why not contact Pulse Lawn Mowing & Gardening on 1300 697 857 and be the envy of your whole neighbourhood?


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