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Are you doing pruning right?

Pruning. Am I doing it right?

Even an entry-level gardener knows that pruning is an essential part of a plant’s health. Without appropriate pruning (or trimming), your indoor and outdoor gardens will wilt and struggle to survive. Pruning your plants incorrectly can result in the plant dying, so it is important to be patient and understand your plant or trees needs before starting to prune.

But if you feel overwhelmed at the thought of pruning your entire garden, take heart because not all plants need regular pruning.

When to trim?

The most important thing is knowing which plants and trees need to be trimmed and when. Is it in spring or summer? Is it monthly or bi-monthly? As you can probably sense, pruning depends entirely on what it is you are trying to grow and the climate that they live in.

It is best that you do your research before purchasing your plants and enquire as to their growth-rate and how frequently they need to be trimmed. This will give you an idea of how busy a particular kind of plant will make you!

However, if you live somewhere that has an established garden or you are drawn to the more complicated kinds of plants, you could call in the experts to give you a hand. Local gardeners will be familiar with the needs of the plants living at your home, and sometimes it’s just easier setting up a pruning schedule with people who have the experience.

Pulse Lawn Mowing & Gardening are familiar with the needs of your plants and trees and can make it stress-free to own a big and beautiful garden! Whether you can’t seem to keep a plant alive or you wish to have more control over your garden, call Pulse Lawn Mowing & Gardening on 1300 697 857 to get your pruning sorted today.

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