Ross Pulse Mowing Upper Coomera

Interview with Ross from Pulse Lawn Mowing Upper Coomera

We sat down with Ross from Pulse Lawn Mowing & Gardening Upper Coomera to chat all things business and provide some insight into what it’s like to own and operate a Lawn Mowing business.
Ross operates his business around the Northern Gold Coat area and has been operating for almost three years now. With his business going from strength to strength, as the lawn mowing and gardening industry continues to boom, now has never been a better time to get into business for yourself, not by yourself.

What were you doing before operating your own business?
I was working in Geelong, Victoria, as a Landcare Supervisor with a disability organisation, supporting people with intellectual disabilities and performing a range of horticultural tasks for commercial customers. I also have a degree from RMIT University in youth work. I worked for several years in the Victorian youth justice system. As a young bloke, I worked on a golf course as a groundsman.

What made you choose to start your own business in the lawn mowing industry?
I have previously run my own lawn mowing business in Victoria, so thought I could utilise these skills here in Queensland.

Ross Pulse Mowing Upper Coomera

Why did you choose Pulse?
I didn’t want to go with a large franchise so chose Pulse, for it’s smaller ground-level offerings.

What has been the best thing about running your own business?
Being the person who ‘steers the ship’, organises my own schedule for work etc, after many years as an employee.

Do you offer any specialty services?
I like to offer small block long grass slashing services. Sites that are too small or steep for a tractor or ride on, but too thick for a push mower.

What has been your most satisfying job?
I have had several satisfying jobs. From landscaping to Mulching etc, but one of my regular customers whose lawns I mow fortnightly always appreciates the job I do for her. Often she texts me 3 days after I’ve been to say how good her beautiful couch lawn is after I’ve been there.

Have you experienced any challenges with running your business and how have you overcome them?
In a word, ‘taxation’. Most lawnies aren’t accountants so having a good accountant to educate and assist you with GST and personal tax is crucial. Is vital to put money aside regularly for tax.

What is does your typical w look like?
At first job by 7am (unless it’s raining), and completing a range of jobs for regulars and one-off customers. Typical services include lawn mowing, edging, weed spraying, hedge pruning, and landscaping.

Ross Pulse Mowing Upper Coomera

What advise do you have for someone looking into owning their own lawn mowing and gardening business?
Make sure you love mowing, gardening and working outside in hot, humid or cold conditions. Maintain positive and clear communication with your customers and understand that it is ok to not have every quote you submit accepted. Know your worth and stick to it. Try to limit jobs that are 30 to 40 kms away, unless a big paying customer, as fuel prices are high these days!

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