Pressure Cleaning

Our Pulse Lawn Mowing & Gardening Operators are able to provide all types of maintenance services around the outside of the home. One of these such services is pressure cleaning, with the use of a high-pressure water spray, our Pulse Lawn Mowing & Gardening Operators can effectively remove loose paint, mould, dust, mud, grime, and other dirt from exterior surfaces.

Using a pressure cleaning or washing service has become quite popular in recent years as it is an effective and environmentally friendly method of deep cleaning your home exterior. This ensures that dirt and grime don’t build up on driveways, pathways, and house exteriors.

Ideally, the best way to take good care of your home’s exterior and driveway is to treat pressure washing as a part of your routine maintenance. Generally, Our Pulse Lawn Mowing & Gardening Operators recommend that you wash your home and driveways every 6 to 12 months. By pressure washing your home on a regular basis, you can protect it from the onset of mould or mildew and maintain its beautiful appearance.

If you’re thinking of selling your property and want to add that extra wow factor before it hits the market, then speak with your local Pulse Lawn Mowing & Gardening Operator. Our team can ensure your driveway, pathways and house exterior is at its best. After all, street appeal is a major factor in determining your home’s value.

A common mistake that home owners make is during a renovation, and not taking the time to pressure clean dirt, and debris from the walkways. The last thing you want is mud and dirt being walked through the interior of your house, so before starting on any exterior renovations, make sure you organise with your Pulse Lawn Mowing & Gardening Operator to pressure wash and get rid of any dirt that may inconvenience you in later stages of renovations. This is a recommended step that should never be skipped.

pressure cleaning

What do you need pressure cleaned?

  • Driveway cleaning
  • Patio cleaning
  • Exterior house cleaning
  • Deck maintenance
  • Concrete cleaning
  • Moss removal
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