How do I get rid of Bindis?

Bindis! What are they and how to I get rid of them?

Australia is a nation of sports and it’s something that most get involved in at an early age. Cricket on the beach, soccer in the park or running barefoot in the backyard. If this sounds familiar to you, then you probably vividly remember the painful shock of a bindi in your heel. The slight throb in your foot after you pluck the bindi out and limp to safety. There’s a deep-seeded hatred of bindis for any wounded Aussie, and a sense of impending dread to ever step back out on the lawn without shoes on.

So how do you spot and avoid bindis? And most importantly, how do you kill them? The bindi weed is very noticeable during the winter months, due to its carrot-type leaves. Then in spring, it produces a flower that grows to produce a seed pod with three spines. Then it dries out in summer and splinters to become the fun-killing bindi so commonly hated by humans and pets alike.

When it comes to killing this weed, you can either pour boiling hot water over the plant or pull up the entire plant by its root. Make sure you wear gloves, as the only thing worse than stepping on a bindi is squeezing one into your palm. If the prospect of spending an afternoon boiling your kettle or weeding your lawn is an overwhelming one, there is another option you can choose to rid your lawn of bindis. Phone an expert! Pulse Lawn Mowing & Gardening are professional bindi-killers, and can ensure their removal at any stage of their life cycle. Pulse Lawn Mowing & Gardening can help protect the soles of your feet and your kids’ relaxing summer afternoons. Call 1300 697 857 and speak with the experts for a quote, and wave a fond farewell to painful bindis for good!

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