Hedge trimming

Taking care of your hedges

With regular maintenance and care from a Pulse Lawn Mowing Operator, your hedges will be healthy and happy all year round. Rows of thickly planted shrubs can be a beautiful way to define the borders and boundary lines of your property… doubling up as a soft ‘fence’ to keep children and pets in or out. Hedges make a lovely home for birds and native wildlife to shelter in. Utilising the services of a Pulse Lawn Mowing & Gardening service will ensure your perfectly landscaped hedges and bushes stay that way.. Perfect.

In between visits from a Pulse Lawn Mowing Operator, you can also do your own hand pruning as it’s very effective in getting to those hard to reach places and ensuring a perfect shape and style is maintained. Whether hand-held or a power trimmer, take off branch tips, simulating bud production near the plants’ edges. Propper pruning is important as when the buds multiply, the shrub becomes thick, disallowing sunrays into parts of the hedge that need it.

TIP: Each time you trim your hedge, create gaps for light and air to pass. This will encourage healthy growth.

TIP: Get a Pulse Lawn Mowing Operator to prune your hedges in winter. They’re dormant at this time, meaning the plants energy will go towards producing new growth where you want it.

TIP: If you want a lower maintenance hedge, try a faster growing plant such as Privet, Spirea and Viburnum. Other larger, naturally shaped evergreen hedges are:
       – Eastern Red Cedar                      – Fastigiate White Pine                    – Western Arborvitae
       – Juniper                                          – Cypress                                             – Hemlock
       – Lilac                                               – Rose of Sharon                               – Hydrangea

TIP: Hedges should always be wider at the bottom and narrower at the top – regardless of if that top is pointed, round or flat. When shearing, start at the bottom and work your way up.

If you’re unsure of what is best for your yard, then have our Pulse Lawn Mowing team provide you with recommendations for a perfect yard, all year round.

“Research the habit of any plant you want to hedge, then choose a variety that won’t overgrow your space. Otherwise you’ll be fighting an uphill battle trying to cut the hedge down to size.” – Trent, Pulse Lawn Mowing & Gardening Business Owner.

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