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Pulse Lawn Mowing Boronia

Servicing all surrounding areas, We have operators Australia wide!


franchises available all of Australia


Regular lawn and garden maintenance will help your grass grow healthier, keep weeds from growing suffocating your lawn and help increase the aesthetic appeal and value of your property.


At Pulse Lawns Boronia we pride ourselves on the knowledge, experience and professionalism of our operators. Our fully trained lawn mowing professionals have the high attention to detail required to ensure your yard is in pristine condition. In a time where people are getting busier with work commitments and other obligations; Pulse Lawns Boronia gives individuals an alternative option for maintaining their yard which in turn allows them to make better use of their leisure time.

While customer satisfaction is our number one priority; the team at Pulse Lawns, Boronia believe that quality services can be delivered at an affordable price. Our team of highly trained lawn mowing professionals are local Boronia residents so you can be assured that we will take pride in maintaining the aesthetic appeal of our local community.

Lawn Mowing:

Lawn mowing is an essential aspect of maintaining a healthy yard. Regularly mowing a lawn will ensure the grass in your yard grows healthily and evenly giving you a thicker, greener lawn. Regular lawn mowing will also help your grass against weed infestation. Weeds are a fast-growing pest that will overgrow your lawn quickly and suffocate the grass in the process. The team at Pulse Lawns can come to your property on a regular basis to ensure that your lawn is growing healthier and does not become overgrown with weeds.

Edging & Trimming:

Edging and trimming will give your lawn the professional finishing touch that will make your yard shine. Edging and trimming take precision and care, a skill that can take years to truly master; luckily for you, Pulse Lawns Boronia allow you to harness the edging and trimming skills of a highly experienced professional so you can have a clean cut and spectacular looking yard.

Garden Maintenance & Landscaping:

Garden Maintenance can be a time-consuming chore for home owners. The regular weeding and research required to ensure you are giving your plants the utmost care is something that takes time and patience. The team at Pulse Lawns Boronia have the knowledge of plants and experience in garden care to ensure your gardens get the full attention they need and can flourish.


Hedges are an exceptional addition to any yard however, their rapid growth cycle means they need to be regularly maintained to ensure they keep their shape. Hedging isn’t just about cutting down overgrown branches; our team have the knowledge and experience needed to help your hedges grow thicker allowing you to see the full extent of their beauty when they are shaped. Whether you are looking for a row of clean cut squares along your fence or tall spheres to give your yard the extra touch of class, the team at Pulse Lawns Boronia have the tools and experience to make your yard beautiful.

They say the grass is greener on the other side; at Pulse Lawn Mowing Boronia, we say the grass is greener with a pro! At Pulse Lawns Boronia; our professional team of lawn mowing operators are fully insured, fully trained and equipped to ensure a quality result every time.

For a free quote contact your local operator on 1300 Pulse (697 857)

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Servicing all surrounding areas, We have operators Australia wide!






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