Garden prep for spring time

Garden Prep for Springtime

Spring is officially here! The pleasant weather and bustle of activity in your yard are the ideal motivators to start gardening. Additionally, Spring is the perfect time to get your garden in shape so that it will be able to weather the summer’s heat. We’ve come up with some suggestions on how to get your garden ready for the next warm months.

After a long winter, your garden may require some extra care to be at its most appealing and thriving in the Spring. Here are a few suggestions for Spring gardening!

Trim Your Shrubs and Trees

You might start to see new growth on your trees and bushes around this time. Make time to remove any dead or unwelcome branches. Removing these will assist in protecting your trees and shrubs from pests and diseases while also improving airflow to the branches. Additionally, pruning is quite helpful for promoting all your beautiful blossoms and growth.

Begin Composting

Did you know that the best time to begin composting is in the Spring? It is a perfect time to check if your compost has the right balance of brown and green material for perfect decomposition, especially if you are new to composting or have neglected it over the winter. Your trash can also degrade more quickly because of the warmer weather. Turn your compost pile frequently to ensure it gets enough air, which will hasten the process and lessen odours.

Make Fertiliser Your Friend

You might wish to fertilise your garden to promote further development as your plants start to bloom. Just keep in mind to stay away from nitrogen-rich fertilisers as this can make your plants more susceptible to bugs and fungi. Instead, we advise using manure or slow-release organic fertilisers. If you’re going to use manure, steer clear of chicken-derived because the high ammonia concentration can burn your plants. Instead, use cow or sheep manure.  Consider applying liquid potash together with a normal fertiliser if you have fruit trees on your property as these can promote the best fruit growth as well.

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